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Formed in 1974 the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) is comprised of member merchants from the Fourth Avenue Historic Shopping District (the area between 9th St.; University Blvd.; 5th Ave.; and 3rd Ave). FAMA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the growth and development of the businesses and communities in the Fourth Avenue area, but FAMA also benefits a wide range of other nonprofit groups throughout Tucson. FAMA supports programs of a civic, social, cultural or artistic nature that are designed to increase the function and aesthetic values of the community, and also economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the economic potential of North Fourth Avenue.

The majority of the income used to support FAMA goals is derived from the two street fairs. The City of Tucson (and every tax payer in the City) benefits greatly from these Fairs because FAMA pays for police and security services, fire department services, parking enforcement officers, waste management services, barricade services, etc. The Street Fair brings in thousands of dollars in city taxes, much more in local business income (hotels, restaurants, etc.), and also provides the funding FAMA uses to keep Fourth Avenue a vital portion of Tucson over the rest of the year. The trees along Fourth Avenue, the benches, the trash cans, the sidewalk cleaning, extra security, planters and flowers and the Mike Haggerty Performance Stage maintenance and much more, are all paid for by FAMA.

FAMA has a long history of benefiting the whole community and each Fair some 30 nonprofit or service organizations are given space at the Fair and allowed to utilize the Fair to raise money and/or distribute information on their causes. It also takes 2000 hours of labor to put on each Fair, 2000 hours that FAMA pays out to other nonprofit groups or directly to those in need for people power to keep the Fairs clean. These FAMA contributions amount to some $70,000 per year that go to other nonprofit/service organizations or directly to those in need.

If you are interested in supporting Fourth Avenue you can become an Associate Member of the FAMA. As an Associate Member you will receive the association newsletter, be eligible to become a member of FAMA committees, and receive FAMA promotional goods (t-shirts, posters, etc.) at cost. Associate Membership is $120 per year for an individual and $120 per year for a business. As an Associate Member you can feel proud that you are helping to keep the historic Fourth Avenue area a vital retail section of Tucson.

The FAMA office staff consists of:

Fred Ronstadt, Executive Director

Teri Moorhead, Events Coordinator

Suzanne Jackson, Accountant Facilitator

Allie London, Marketing Director

Kini Wade, Entertainment Manager

FAMA is located at 434 E. 9th Street (South West corner of 9th Street and 3rd Avenue), Tucson, AZ 85705.