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Sugar Skull Project

Celebrate All Souls Procession with sugar skull style! These lovely sugar skull mask templates are free to use and a blank space to showcase your creativity. Download a mask, decorate it, share it with us at the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association and wear it to our All Souls Procession Pre-Party on 4th Avenue.

Get creative with your masks! Throw as much glitter, flowers, colors and shapes as you can muster and snap a photo of your creation, or you modeling your mask, and post it to
We will be creating an online museum of submitted masks on our Facebook page and website so the world can see your one-of-a-kind mask.

You can even wear your mask to our pre-party on November 8 at the Mike Haggerty Plaza, 316 N. Fourth Avenue, or during the All Souls Procession. Our memory garden will be returning this year and you can add your mask to honor a loved one and have it added to the urn for the final ceremony. Feel free to write the name of a loved one you would like to pay tribute to you on your mask.

On top of that, the first 24 people to send us a photo of their customized mask will receive a FREE I Heart 4th Ave. T-shirt.

These designs were created by local artist Nicole Liberty.

Artist Bio:

I grew up in Tucson after my family moved to Arizona in 1978. When I’m not teaching or consulting with small, local businesses, I enjoy making masks and other costume/wearable accessories.  I started creating masks as a way to understand how leather can be shaped and molded into accessories and articles of clothing. Then I discovered I liked designing and making the masks for their own sake.

Below are two templates to choose from and instructions.
For more information on the All Souls Procession, visit
For more information about Fourth Avenue’s Pre Party and involvement this year visit

To download and print masks: Click on sugar skull image that you want. Click on it again to expand. Left click and save as, then print and have fun decorating. 

Sugar Skull - plain (1)Sugar Skull - ornamented (1)