Global Community Communications Alliance

A personal relationship with and an understanding of the Universal Father is the beginning of an eternal path to Paradise for all freewill beings. A personal relationship with and an understanding of the Local Universe Creator Son, Christ Michael, is the most expedient and accelerated path to destiny fulfillment in one’s calling pertinent to that particular lifetime as well as manifesting what one needs to meet that destiny.

God’s perfect will must be each person’s goal, as well as an expanded understanding of the Creator’s master universe. The laws within our universe can be understood through continued revelation and concepts for unity in the new millennium. We all long for a new millennium, the first stage of light and life on our planet, an order of cooperation and common understanding of God and the cosmology of the master universe.

We seek an expanded understanding of true spiritual leadership and hierarchy as represented in mortals on any particular planet, and an understanding that some souls are older than others and are better qualified for leadership of all of the people of the planet where interuniversal realities exist, such as on earth.

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