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16S Poster Art ~ Rob Kaler

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

Organized and executed by the North Fourth Avenue Merchants Association, Inc., the Fourth Avenue Street Fair is Tucson’s Premier Community Event.

Free to the public, the Street Fair is a biannual three-day event (Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to dusk) held in both the spring and winter every year.

The Street Fair takes place in Tucson’s Historic Fourth Avenue Business District, the city’s one and only bohemian outpost and a mecca for artists and musicians of all kinds. Considered “The Heartbeat of Tucson,” Fourth Avenue is filled with locally owned restaurants, shops, services, pubs and clubs. Thousands of residents, students and tourists roam the Avenue morning, noon and night. Fourth Avenue is also home to dozens of special events, concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Sponsorship of the Fourth Avenue Street Fair is a unique opportunity to:

 Promote your name brand to 600,000 consumers annually

 Showcase and sell your products and services to customers who are here and ready to buy

 Partner with a highly respected, professional and award-winning nonprofit organization

 Support the local Tucson community

Sponsorship can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please give us a call to sit down and discuss the package that’s right for you: (520) 624-5004.

Photo courtesy of Rob Kaler