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I wanted to thank you again for a great show. I really appreciate the great location and corner booth. This year I set a record for sales. I really do love your show and its great to feel your work is appreciated. I hope to do the show for many years to come. Hope to see you in the spring.” ~ Leightworks

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for another successful event. In spite of the rain, I had a great show. I vend at over 40 events a year and I want to express to you how much I enjoy attending your’s. It is so well organized and attended. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!” ~ Yeah Yeah! Pony Prince

“I wanted to thank you and all the staff for a wonderful 4th Avenue Street Fair! We had a great time and enjoyed the show very much. Thank you for letting iHorns into the show and for putting on such a wonderful event.” ~ Frank Falk

“Besides the cooler temperatures, we wanted to thank you for a great event and let you know how much we enjoyed participating as a sponsor in this past weekend’s 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair. We received a lot of positive feedback about the event and how well it was managed, congratulations! We are interested in participating in the 2016 Spring event and renewing for the 2016 Winter event.” ~ First Impression Security Doors

“Thank you for putting on another great event. Your hard work is appreciated!! And is great for the Tucson community =)” ~ Cutco Cutlery 

“Thank you for producing a fabulous Tucson festival. It was a success for us. Greatly appreciate the volunteer assistants with water and breaks. Thank you.” ~ Patty & Company

“It was great being part of the Spring and Winter Street Fairs this year and look forward to April. Your partnership with KOLD is greatly valued. Have a great holiday and Happy New Year.” ~ KOLD 13

“We went today!!!! They have soooooo much good stuff! The rustic candle store has a rosemary peppermint candle that I wanted SOOO bad!! and bath bombs, and gold dust painted chocolates and coffee and body scrubs, and lotions and food!!” ~ Aja (Facebook)

Cant wait to come home for the weekend and enjoy one of the best artisan festivals out there!” ~ Mother Truckin Tees

I wish you could be here once a month. I love this event. Sad tho as this is the last day of the street fair.” ~ Facebook user

So fun and the food is awesome! If you attend the University of Arizona or live in Tucson you definitely have to check out the next street fair.!” ~ Kortni (Yelp)

This is a classic part of Tucson, there is the Spring Fair and the Winter Fair (right before Christmas, perfect for getting a gift for the holidays). There are all sorts of art, food, and entertainment to enjoy. Even if you don’t get anything, it’s something fun to do.” ~ CB (Yelp)

I hadn’t been to the 4th ave street fair since I was a really really young kid.  It’s much more interesting now as an adult.  I love to see our eclectic Tucson community come together and display their different talents.  Thank goodness there are 2 street fairs a year because I can’t wait for the next one!” ~ Tricia (Yelp)

I love the Street Fair, such a Tucson tradition.  Tons of people, tons of vendors, tons of food.  Great outing any time of the day, great food to choose from, and some very interesting items being sold.  Check it out.” ~ Dani (Yelp)

I always look forward to the street faire .  They have so many different vendors selling jewelry, art, homemade items for your home inside and out and a lot of food. The list goes on and on.  This is truly a shoppers paradise! Can’t wait for next year!” ~ Barbara (Yelp)

” since moving to Arizona in 2011, I’ve made it a habit to tag along with someone in my extended family to the 4th avenue street fair at least once a year. i really like coming to the one during the winter because it’s not hot when you walk around, and since Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, it’s a good place to look for some Christmas gifts. i heard that the wait to get on the list to be a vendor is very, very long. there are so many different tents, you can find a lot of stuff here. also, the normal 4th avenue shops are open along the road and it’s nice that this brings them a little extra business. there are also a lot of food trucks towards the middle of the fair to get your grub on if you’re hungry. next time they have this, i recommend you check it out!” ~ Nali (Yelp)

What a great day I had! We were really hungry and there were quite a few great choices. I had a tri-tip sandwich. It was cooked perfectly and was amazing! There were some unique vendors and plenty of culture! So glad I went and am looking forward to the next!” ~ Christina (Yelp)

“Just went to our first one today and I had a great time!  You can buy beer and walk around the fair, and it seemed like a lot of the local places had good beer prices on 4th Ave as well.  Lot of different tents, lot of different food stands – and it isn’t just greasy deep-fried usual fare, there was local BBQ and a lot of other stuff I’d never seen at a fair before.  I thought that while some of the stuff was a bit overpriced, it was  very organized, very cool to walk around and enjoy, and pretty accessible parking garages (I think I only paid 5 bucks to park too!).  Can’t wait til the next one!” ~ Nicole (Yelp)